How Elijah’s House has adjusted for Covid-19 

In the last 6 months the world has changed drastically as the Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the treatment industry. It has impacted the global status quo in ways that we can only begin to understand, but has also caused a high number of relapse and mental issues throughout the community.

The effects of this pandemic have also created unique circumstances for the troubled and addicted individuals in society. The Elijah House team knows from experience that those new to recovery are already just getting a handle on their new lifestyles, but during stressful times the prevalence of abuse and mental disorders becomes increased dramatically.

How Elijah’s House has changed it’s protocol around Covid-19

During this pandemic, we have done the following:

  • Increased our cleaning practices and are wiping down all common and private areas with hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Taking temperature of all clients and staff upon entry to the facility
  • Provided and abundance of soap and sanitizing machines throughout the house
  • Currently assigning all new clients to private room with their own personal bathrooms
  • Instituted “social distancing” throughout all groups and activities for clients
  • Offering access to Covid-19 tests, resources and information to all
  • Face masks and shields will be work by all staff and clients to prevent the spread of germs
  • Over the phone assessment and Covid-19 pre-screening questionnaire given to all new clients

Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis

In contrast to recent years where you might have wanted to reach out and get more personal with family and friends, social distancing and quarantine protocols have made the space between us even more than it ever was before. This space is the cause of more stress and trauma for those that are already suffering from their effects.

While some may have attempted to stockpile their drug of choice before any lockdown conditions were imposed, this pandemic gave others a chance to be totally isolated with bottles of alcohol or other inebriates. The levels of stress and trauma that we deal with daily are already great for those new to recovery, but in times like these, a strong foundation is essential.

For alcoholics and recovering addicts, usually they deal with an underlying issues such as anxiety, depression bi-polar, etc, which fuels active addiction. 12-step meetings, a sponsor, a support group and a list of phone numbers are some of the strongly suggested tools for success in sobriety. During this Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing cancelled thousands of 12-step meetings worldwide.

At Elijah’s House, we understand that while Covid-19 is here to stay, and may not be going away anytime soon. We also understand that alcoholism and addiction are also life-threatening and we all need to be more vigilant. As a facility, you can rest assure knowing that we are doing our very best to provide a safe, clean atmosphere of recovery should you consider us for your treatment experience.