What is a Detox?

Though there are several steps in finding full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The crucial first step of treatment is detoxification, or detox. Over the course of alcohol or substance abuse, your body has become addicted and needs to be safely returned to its previous physical state prior to your addiction. Detox is the beginning of your journey and a necessary step toward your treatment. If this step is not taken you will never be fully clean (or clear).

Elijah’s House provides comfort and safety during the detox process. We will access you and lay out a detox program specific to your needs. We use strictly monitored medications, prescribed by an addiction Doctor, to safely detox you or a loved one, in our comfortable and caring environment.

At Elijah’s House we are committed to helping those under our care to detoxify completely in preparation for the recovery process to begin and endure.

Detoxification is different for each type of substance. We provide detox for:

Alcohol Detoxification
Benzodiazepine Detoxification
Cocaine Detoxification
Heroin Detoxification
Methadone Detoxification
Methamphetamine Detoxification
Opiates Detoxification
Suboxone Detoxification


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