Program Foundation & Treatment Philosophy

The treatment team at Elijah’s House is carefully chosen. Our highly skilled and licensed professionals include therapists, psychologists, medical doctors and other relevant specialists. Independent consulting psychiatrists and medical doctors are available to provide psychiatric and medical assessments as well as ongoing counseling, medication monitoring, and follow-up. A number of the Elijah’s House staff members are in recovery, and have experienced many of the same issues as our clients. This common bond creates an environment where clients feel emotionally safe and supported, allowing the opportunity to open up about personal struggles.

A highly individualized treatment plan with clearly defined goals is created for each client. Co-occurring addictive behaviors and mental health issues are specifically addressed, Treatment will include individual and group psychotherapy sessions where clients have an opportunity to learn about themselves and the disease of addiction. Our individualized treatment methods help each person discover the underlying causes that drive the addictive behavior. Therapy is further supported through 12-step meetings and step work. By removing the client from an unhealthy environment and placing them in a safe, supportive setting with a personalized program of recovery, clients of Elijah’s House have the opportunity to stabilize medically and psychologically thus fully embracing the recovery process and committing to sobriety.

Outstanding treatment for spouses, significant others and children is offered through Elijah’s House Treatment Center family programs. To learn more about our family programs, please call (888) 902-3990, to speak with an intake advisor.

What Is Included In The Assessment?

Elijah’s House uses a biopsychosocial assessment and stabilization protocol along with a psychiatric evaluation (where warranted) to identify the underlying cause of a client’s psychological distress. Further evaluation is performed to determine the extent to which an individual’s use of alcohol or other drugs contributes to the problems they are experiencing. The assessment is completed within 72 hours of intake (unless detoxification is required and more time is needed).

A thorough medical history and physical examination along with screening laboratory tests are performed.

The assessment process may include but is not limited to:
• Toxicology screenings
• A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist

Psychological Assessment which typically include:
• Mini- Mental Health State Examination (MMHSE)
• Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II)
• Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

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