Our Mission

We are here because we care. Caring is who and what we are. Our goal is to place you on the path of sobriety and to give you the tools to keep you there for the rest of your life. We started out as a sober living residence and came to realize that we could do more to help those seeking recovery. So we took the steps needed to provide quality treatment for recovering alcoholics and addicts; and today, we are a six-bed residential treatment center located in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Pasadena, California. We understand your struggle; therefore, we provide you with a safe home-like setting where you can do the work of leaving the past behind and starting on a new journey of self-discovery, with the help of a team of highly qualified and experienced addiction professionals. We carefully assess not only your needs, but also your strengths and abilities, and together with you, we clarify and implement your individualized treatment plan goals that reflect your unique circumstances.

Our Values

We believe that everyone who genuinely wants healing from addiction deserves a chance to escape alcohol and drugs and recover from them. But we know also that healing takes work. It’s not a passive process. Therefore, we strive for collaboration as the treatment and recovery moves forward, because without it, neither is possible. It takes a willingness to admit that life with addiction is no life at all; that the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that were part of the drug life need to be honestly confronted abandoned completely; and an openness to replacing self-centered relationships and ways of being in the world with authentic ones based on honesty with oneself and others. We are here to help, as techs, counselors, group leaders and therapists; we are here to teach and guide, but also to listen and encourage. Working together to move forward is how Elijah’s House works.

Our Vision

Our vision has always started with people. Every individual is unique, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But recovery is not a solitary activity. It’s not a path to be walked alone. That’s why everyone who walks through our door and begins a journey of recovery with us becomes a member of the Elijah’s House family. When hope, renewal and gratitude replace despair, they take on even greater meaning when shared with others in the spirit of fellowship. Recovery from addiction opens the door to authentic relationships built on truthfulness and trust. With time and positive intention translated into consistent action, individuals discover inner strengths and abilities they thought were gone forever, thanks to addiction; they become members of a vast community of recovering people and, from there, move confidently into the wider community where they share what they have learned, and resume their places as family members, students, and valuable employees. Where there was isolation, now there is community; where there was exploitation, now there is service to others; where there was emptiness, now there is meaning, purpose and integrity.

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